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How to generate $10,000 monthly in sales on YouTube with Elfsight

Marek Kamenicky
Marek Kamenicky
YouTuber; 2 years with Elfsight
“My name is Marek and I am a full-time youtuber, I like creating videos and working with amazing products that provide value.”

Performance Statistics

In Program
2 years
$10,000 / month
New Paid Referrals
105 / month
Visitor to Ref Click Conversion
Ref Click to Sign-up Conversion
Sign-up to Paid Referral Conversion
Revenue per Click
Revenue per Sign-up
Revenue per Paid Referral

Growth of Recurring Passive Income

$3,200 / month
Recurring Earnings Share
Thanks to a recurring SaaS model, all subscription renewals and upgrades make up the majority of the affiliate's monthly income.
Growth of Recurring Passive Income

Q&A: How to Become Successful Affiliate Marketer?

What is affiliate marketing for you?
“I have been creating videos for a few years at this point, and affiliate marketing is a huge part of it! I participate in about 10 affiliate programs. You can explore my Youtube channel here.”
Marek Kamenicky
Do you have your own team?
“I work completely alone, I focus on effective processes and I try to optimize as much as I can, so I can have work/life balance.”
Marek Kamenicky
How did you find Elfsight?
“I randomly found out about Elfsight, and I LOVE how effective and simple the tool is, that you don’t need to program things out, just use 1 code and “wuala” you got it!”
Marek Kamenicky
What do you like most about the program?
“I really like that its LONG term VALUE, many affiliate programs offer ONLY customers for 12 months etc. but Elfsight is different. This means a lot to me. Also, % of sales is good too!”
Marek Kamenicky
What would you like to be improved in the program?
“Better analytics of understanding what tools are mostly people using and also performance of that if it’s possible, maybe even tips for affiliates about new TOOLS that Elfsight created so we can create content.”
Marek Kamenicky

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