Tumblr Affiliate Program

Is Elfsight the prime substitute for Tumblr referral program? Yes, and here’s why: we’ll see which one exactly can guarantee you more income, find the one with lesser charge, collect testimonials of other popular affiliates and spot comparable programs.

Affiliate Program: Elfsight vs Tumblr

Tumblr has a built-in affiliate program. However, it doesn’t allow people to promote Tumblr on other websites and resources, it only promotes merchants on Tumblr itself. That’s why, the best and the only alternative to Tumblr affiliate program is Elfsight.

Average bill$47
Payment type Cookie lifetime + recurring payments
Withdrawal threshold$10
Payment frequency Once a month
Commission 30%
Conversion 11%
Support Personal manager + Help Center
Marketing materials Banners, widget builder and any custom requests
Tracking Tracking dashboard with custom reports
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More benefits of the Elfsight Affiliate Program

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How do Tumblr referral links work?

Tumblr is a huge platform for sharing content. It collaborates with VigLink and adds referral links to your posts on its own. You can switch this feature off in your settings, especially keeping in mind that you will not gain any money from those links. You can place referral links, leading to other online shops and get money from them.

Can I use my own referral links?

Yes, sure. Your personal referral links are appreciated much more than ones that are promoted by Tumblr. You should follow the Tumblr guidelines and, for example, not create blogs only for promoting referral links.

Can I get money from the links that are promoted by Tubmlr?

No, you can’t. But you are allowed to sign into an account on VigLink and create referral links for your personal use.

Can I forbid Tumblr to add referral code to my posts?

Yes, you can do it by switching this feature off in the settings. Keep in mind that you’ll switch them off only in your own posts, but you’ll still be able to see them all in the posts of other Tumblr users.

Vocabulary of terms

Affiliate/Referral program – marketing tool for uplifting sales and blanket disposal of the product. 

Affiliate code – in most cases these are referral links, that are added to site code or other resources (apps, blogs, social media etc.). There’s also an opportunity of affiliate links, that permits you to integrate referral code straight into your web page. Affiliate tracking – transactional analytics for every client who passed on your referral links. In most cases it implies a payment schedule and can include only a lifetime or orderly payment.

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