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Stripo Affiliate Program vs Elfsight

Let’s see why Elfsight is the only substitute for Stripo’s affiliate marketing program? We’ll figure out which one exactly can grant you much more income, find out the one with less entry charge, compile reviews written by other partners and discover comparable programs.

Affiliate Program Comparison: Stripo vs Elfsight

Stripo Elfsight
Average bill$15 $47
Commission type One-timeLifetime (recurring)
Withdrawal threshold$100 $100
Payment frequency Once a quarterInstant payouts
Commission 25% one-time 30% recurring
Conversion 11%
SupportTicket systemPersonal manager + Help Center
Marketing materials Without marketing materials Banners + Widget demo + Widget catalogs + Swipe file. etc. 
TrackingTracking dashboardTracking dashboard with custom reports

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Why to partner with Elfsight?

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Elfsight Affiliate Program

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What is Stripo Affiliate Program? 

The Stripo Affiliate program is a SaaS niche partner program. The merchant offers 25% commission on every first referral lead.

How to take part in the Stripo Partner program?

Joining in the affiliate program is absolutely free . To be the reseller of the Stripo partner program you need to fulfill the following terms: 

  1. Fill out the application form and expect your approval from the Stripo team.
  2. Establish your affiliate account
  3. Grab a special affiliate link. 
  4. Add the ?ref link on your website or social media.
  5. Done! You successfully got started with affiliate marketing! 

Soon you’ll start earning your earnings from each sale after clicking on those links.

How much revenue rate does Stripo affiliate program offer?

The Stripo partner program offers 25% commission on each purchase. 

How long is cookie lifespan in the Stripo affiliate program offer? 

The cookie lifetime lasts 90 days. On the basis of the SaaS recurring model, affiliates collect earnings on any subscription renewals and upgrades. 

How to generate a referral link?

All you ’ve got to do is add your unique ?ref to the links on your Stripo affiliate admin panel so that they can be shared on your website or social media.

Where do I check my affiliate earnings?

You can view all the data and requests in your Stripo affiliate dashboard.

Have a look at the real cases of Stripo affiliate 

If you’re collaborating in the Stripo partner program, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and share your testimonial about it.

How can I register and participate in the Stripo affiliate program?

To sign up or open your account apply this link: stripo.com/affiliate-program/

How does the Stripo Partner Program work?

Users click the links with your ?ref parameter and make purchases at Stripo. You will get your percentage on each sale. 

How to apply for the White Label Program for Stripo partners? 

White Label SaaS program is a partner program, where participants rename the SaaS company product and offer it to their customers. At the present time, there is no collaboration in Stripo. 

What features does Stripo Reseller Program provide?

Reseller programs are practically alike to affiliate programs. However, they grant extra marketing tools, white label options and other advanced capabilities. 

Which way Stripo Referral Program is different from other SaaS partnerships? 

In most cases Referral Programs pay loyalty rewards to the members instead of money which they can expect in Affiliate programs. 

Affiliate Marketing Terms

Affiliate/Partner program is a marketing tool for boosting sales and blanket disposal of the product.

Affiliate links are links, which are embedded to site code or any other resources (applications, blogs, social media and others). There’s also an opportunity for affiliate widgets, which enables you to integrate referral code directly into your website.

Reseller Program is a kind of partnership where a merchant offers commission to affiliates for purchase they lead. 

White Label is a model of partnership opportunity where partners rebrand vendor’s white-label software and resell them to the audience.

Affiliate tracking is transactional analytics for each client who passed on your ref links. Usually it is presented in your affiliate dashboard. 

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