SpyFu Affiliate Program

Is Elfsight the only alternative to SpyFu referral program? Yes, it is, let’s see why: we’ll see which one can grant you more income, find the one with lesser charge, compile testimonials on other popular affiliates and detect comparable programs.

Affiliate Program: Elfsight vs. SpyFu

Average bill$41 $47
Payment type Subscription Subscription
Minimum payment amount 100$ $50
Payment frequency Twice a monthOnce a month
Commission 40% 35%
Conversion 2,5%11%
Support Via email. Answers are given in 24-48 hours Personal manager
Marketing materials Banners + Discount Coupons + SmartlinksReferral Widget + Demo + Banners
Tracking Tracking Request Tracking Request
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Some quick facts on Elfsight Referral Program

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Switching to Elfsight partner program?

With the benefit of our marketing materials you’ll get the maximum conversion!


What is a SpyFu Referral program?

SpyFu is a service that allows you to find out your competitors’ keywords and ads for profitable organic search. This website also allows users to promote it with an affiliate program. You should simply add a banner or a referral link for your users to subscribe to SpyFu.

How do I get started with the SpyFu Affiliate program?

The participation is absolutely free of charge. To become the member of the SpyFu partner program you have to meet the following conditions: 

  • Establish your Referral profile
  • Get a special ?ref for links
  • Add the ?ref you’ve obtained to your SpyFu code links
  • You’re done! 

Soon you’ll start earning your fees from each successful purchase after click on those links.

How do I build a referral link?

Simply add your unique ?ref to the links on the SpyFu shop so that they may be introduced in the partner program.

Where do I check my affiliate earnings?

You can see all the stats and make all the necessary uploads in your SpyFu partner account.

What are the possible variants to create a login and take part in the SpyFu affiliate program?

To register or sign in your account apply the link: https://www.spyfu.com/affiliates

How does the SpyFu Referral Program work?

The visitors click the links with your ?ref and purchase at SpyFu. You get your percentage for each sale.

Word book of terms

Affiliate/Referral program – marketing tool for boosting sales and mass sharing of the product. 

Affiliate code – in most cases those are referral links, that are added to web page code or other resources (applications, blogs, social media etc.). There’s also a possibility of affiliate links, which permits you to implement referral code straight into your site. 

Affiliate tracking – transactional insights for every client who passed on your referral links. Commonly it implicates a payment program and can contain only a lifetime or orderly payment.

It seems that SpyFu referral program resembles to