Rakuten Rewards Affiliate Program vs Elfsight

Let’s see why Elfsight is the unbeatable substitute for Rakuten Rewards’s affiliate marketing program? We’ll see which one can grant you much more profit, find the one without an entry fee, gather reviews written by other partners and detect comparable programs.

Affiliate Program Comparison: Rakuten Rewards vs Elfsight

Rakuten Rewards is a coupon platform that lets users save money with discount coupons for the biggest brands. However, Rakuten Rewards doesn’t have its own affiliate program, so if you’re searching for an extra revenue channel, have a look at the Elfsight affiliate program.

Average bill$47
Payment type Lifetime recurring payments
Withdrawal threshold$100
Payment frequencyInstant payouts
Commission 30%
Conversion 11%
Support Community Chat + Personal manager + Help Center
Marketing materials Banners, widget builder and catalogs, coupons and custom ad requests
Tracking Tracking dashboard with custom reports
All the data has been obtained from the open channels. The Elfsight team does not carry the responsibility for truthfulness of the information presented. On condition of detecting any inconsistencies, don’t hesitate to contact our team so that we could introduce all the necessary amendments. 

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Elfsight Affiliate Program

Interested in Joining a Good-paying Affiliate Program?

30% Lifetime Commission High Customer LTV Instant Payouts


What is an Elfsight Affiliate Program? 

The Elfsight Affiliate program is a well-known partner program. The advertiser offers a 30% fee on every first purchase.

How to join the Elfsight Partner program?

Joining in the affiliate program is free of charge. To become the member of the Elfsight partner program you have to fulfill the following terms:

  1. Fullfill form and wait for the welcome letter from Elfsight .
  2. Establish a special partner account
  3. Obtain your affiliate links. 
  4. Add the affiliate link on your website or social media.
  5. Congrats! You’re successfully become a part of the affiliate program! 

Right after that you’ll start getting your commissions from each successful sale after click on those links.

How much fee rate does Elfsight.com affiliate program pay out?

The Elfsight partner program returns 30 % fee on each purchase. The Elfsight.com partner program provides their partners with 30% share on each sale. 

How much is cookie lifespan in the Elfsight partner program terms? 

The referral window lifespan lasts forever. As a result of the SaaS recurring model, affiliates receive commission on any subscription renewals and upgrades. 

How to create an affiliate link?

All you have to do is include your unique ?ref to the links on your Elfsight affiliate admin panel so that they may be added on your website or blog.

Where do I see my affiliate earnings?

You can find all the data and requests in your Elfsight affiliate account – https://apps.elfsight.com/login/?isAffiliate

Learn more the real experience of Elfsight affiliate 

If you’re taking part in the Elfsight partner program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and let us know your testimonial about the partner program.

How can I sign up and take part in the Elfsight affiliate program?

To sign up or open your personal account, employ this link – https://elfsight.com/affiliate-program/

How does the Elfsight Partner Program work?

Users click the links with your ?ref parameter and purchasing at Elfsight. You will gain your cut on each sale. 

How to participate in the White Label Program for Elfsight affiliates? 

White Label SaaS program is a partner program, where partners rebrand the white-label merchant’s product and promote it to their audience. These days, there is no partner program in Elfsight. 

What other peculiarities does the Elfsight.com Reseller Program have?

Reseller programs are rather alike to affiliate programs. The difference is they grant additional marketing creatives, white label options and other advanced features. 

What is the distinction between Elfsight Referral Program and SaaS Partner programs? 

Most Referral SaaS Programs offer loyalty bonuses to the resellers instead of money which they can get in Reseller programs. 

Affiliate Marketing Terms

Affiliate/Partner program is a marketing instrument for growing sales and mass distribution of the product.

Referral links are  most often those links, which are embedded to web page code or other resources (applications, blogs, social media and others). There’s also a possibility of affiliate widgets, which permits you to embed referral code into your website.

SaaS Reseller Program is a kind of collaboration opportunity where a seller grants funds to affiliates for each build they refer. 

White Label is a kind of collaboration opportunity where partners rebrand vendor’s white-label plugins and offer them to their users.

Affiliate tracking is transactional insights for each user who clicked on your ?ref links. Usually it is generated in your affiliate admin panel. 

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