Magento Affiliate Program vs. Elfsight Referral program

Elfsight the first alternative to Magento’s referral program? Let’s find out why: we’ll see which one exactly can give you more earnings, find the one with less fee, gater reviews of other affiliates and discover analogous programs.

Affiliate Program Comparison: Magento vs. Elfsight

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform, and doesn’t actually provides any affiliate programs, but has a variety of extension to manage your affiliate stats and commissions. So, in case, you’re thinking about being an affiliate, you can get acquainted with the Elfsight program.

Average bill$47
Payment type Subscribe
Minimum payment amount $50
Payment frequency Once a month
Commission 35%
Conversion 11%
Support Personal manager
Marketing materials Referral links + Demo + Banners
TrackingTracking Request

Quick facts about Elfsight Referral Program

User Community
Satisfaction Rate
Partner Platforms
0 Billion
Daily interactions

Moving towards Elfsight partner program?

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Elfsight Referral program

The Elfsight Affiliate program is among the simplest ones. All you have to do to start using it is to create a free account. Right after that you’ll become the Elfsight Affiliate.The service pays you 35% commission on every first purchase of a referred user. It’s the best choice for those ones who don’t know how to start with affiliate programs.

How do I start with the Elfsight Affiliate program?

The partnership is free of charge. To be the member of the Elfsight partner program you have to fulfill the following terms:

  1. Create your Referral account;
  2. Obtain a special ?ref for links;
  3. Add the ?ref you’ve obtained to your code links;
  4. Done!

Soon you’ll start getting your share from each successful deal after click on those links.

How to create a referral link? 

All you have to do is add your exclusive ?ref to the links on the Elfsight store so that they can be introduced in the partner program. 

Where do I see my affiliate revenue? 

You can see all the stats and perform all the needed uploads in your Elfsight affiliate account. 

How can I create a login and take part in the Elfsight partner program?

To sign up or open your personal account use the link:

How does the Elfsight Referral Program work? 

Users pick the links with your ?ref and purchasing at Elfsight. You’ll earn your percentage for each of these sales, the payment will recurring, as long as the subscription by that link will last. 

Vocabulary of terms

Affiliate/Referral program – marketing instrument for growing sales and blanket distribution of the product.

Affiliate code – usually those are referral links, that are embedded to website code or another resources (apps, blogs, social media and others). There’s also an opportunity of affiliate extension, which enables you to add referral code directly into your website.

Affiliate tracking – transactional analytics for each user who clicked on your referral links. Usually it implies a payment program and may implicate only a lifetime or stated payment.

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