Ecwid Affiliate Program vs Elfsight Referral program

Elfsight is the best substitute for Ecwid’s referral program? Let’s find out why: we’ll figure out which one can grant you more earnings, find the one with lesser fee, compile testimonials of other popular affiliates and discover analogous programs. 

Affiliate Program: Elfsight vs Ecwid

Ecwid Elfsight
Average bill$14 $47
Payment type Cookie lifetimeCookie lifetime + recurring payments
Withdrawal threshold$100$100
Payment frequency Once a month Once a month
Commission 20%30%
Conversion 11%
Support Personal manager Personal manager + Help Center
Marketing materials Referral links + Banners Banners, widget builder and any custom requests
Tracking Tracking dashboardTracking dashboard with custom reports
All the statistics have been taken from the open channels. The Elfsight team does not take the responsibility for truthfulness of the information presented. Supposing you detect any inaccuracies, feel free to contact us so that we could perform all the crucial amendments. 

Fast facts about the Elfsight Partner Program

User Community
Satisfaction Rate
Partner Platforms
0 Billion
Monthly interactions
Elfsight Affiliate Program

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What is the Ecwid Affiliate Program?

Ecwid is an ecommerce platform that is used to create online stores. It suits small and medium sized businesses. It can be easily integrated with your page on social network, blog, marketplace or mobile app. Using this tool, you can easily organize your products, accept credit card payments and much more. The Ecwid Affiliate program is a well-known partner program. The merchant proposes commissions on one-time referral buys.

How can I start working with the Ecwid Affiliate program? 

The partnership is free. To become the part of the Ecwid affiliate program you have to fulfill the following terms:

  • Create a special Referral profile
  • Obtain your ?ref for links
  • Adjoin the ?ref you’ve acquired to your Ecwid code links
  • You’re successfully performed the process!

Shortly you’ll start earning your share from each successful purchase after clicking on those links. 

How do I create a referral link? 

All you have to do is include your exclusive ?ref to the links on the Ecwid shop so that they can be introduced in the partner program. 

Where can I view my affiliate return? 

You can check all the statistics and make all the necessary uploads in your Ecwid partner account. Keep in mind that you must reach at least $100 to receive your payment. 

What are the possible variants to sign up and take part in the Ecwid affiliate program? 

To sign up or enter your personal account simply apply the link:

How does the Ecwid Referral Program work? 

The visitors pick the links with your ?ref added and make purchases at Ecwid. You acquire your percentage for each deal. 

How much fee rate does Ecwid affiliate program offer?

The Ecwid partner program returns a 20% share on each purchase.

How much is cookie lifetime in the Ecwid affiliate program offer?

The referral window lifetime is 30 days. On the basis of the recurring structure, partners receive commission on any subscription renewal and upgrade.

Explore the real cases of Ecwid affiliate

In case you’re taking part in the Ecwid partner program, please message us at [email protected] and share your experience of the partner program.

How does the Ecwid Partner Program work?

Users click the links with your ?ref added and buys something at Ecwid. You will acquire your commission on each deal.

Is there an option of the White Label Program for Ecwid affiliates?

White Label SaaS program is a partner program, where partner companies rename the white-label merchant’s product and sell it to their customers. At this point in time, there is no opportunity in Ecwid.

What is Ecwid Reseller Program?

Reseller programs are similar to affiliate programs. And, they might grant extra marketing promo resources, white label formats and other advanced terms.

Affiliate Marketing Terms

Affiliate/Partner program – marketing tool for boosting sales and blanket sharing of the product. 

Referral link – usually these are links, which are implemented to site code or other resources (applications, blogs, social media etc. ). There’s also a possibility of affiliate widgets, which permits you to integrate referral code directly into your website.

Reseller Program is a model of partnership where a vendor grants commission to partner installation he leads.

White Label Program is a sort of partnership opportunity where partners relabel vendor’s white-label plugins and sell them to the customers.

Affiliate tracking is transactional analysis for each user who passed on your ?ref links. In most cases it is presented in your affiliate admin panel.

It looks like the Ecwid referral program resembles