WordPress Comments plugin

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Why you should consider incorporating the Comments plugin on your WordPress site

Elfsight Comments plugin for WordPress will help you to demonstrate your users’ opinion on your content and any other topics right after the main content of particular web pages of your WordPress site. You’ll get a possibility to manage your WordPress site’s comments: approve and disapprove any of them in a click of a mouse. The plugin will mark spam comments as possibly unwanted and irrelevant content, they won’t be seen by your website users unless you approve them. The design of your comments block will be highly manageable, you’ll be free to place it on a website, and your users will be able to start commenting right away. The engagement rate on your website will grow exponentially with the comments plugin: users will be able to express their point of view,and discuss the content of your website or any other topics. The comments plugin will become an amazing tool to understand what and how your audience thinks, and choose the right direction in further development in accordance with your customers’ opinion.

And here are some strong reasons why you should use comments plugin on your WordPress website or blog:

  • Your comments section will be a great way to build community around your brand or company. The comments section of your WordPress website can become a place where regular users gather. They can be core of your website’s audience, that are aware of your brand’s or blog history. In the comments, these users can reference old posts and pieces of content, thus turning your site into something organic in the eyes of search engines. Also, your community will consist of loyal fans that will always be happy to hear from you and take part in any activities you’ll have to offer – from subscribing to email to participating in an offline event in case you’re going to organise one.
  • Comments will help you get to know your audience better. By incorporating the comments section to your WordPress site you’ll get a simple yet highly effective way to see what your audience is interested in and reach out to them any time you need advice. The comments section is an inexhaustible source of information concerning your customers’ demands, interests, needs and even news. You can alter your strategy based on your audience’s reaction in the comments, changing course any time you see any disturbance in the comments section.
  • You can establish a long-term relationship with your audience through the comments section on your site. By taking part in your blog’s ro website’s comments section you’ll prove to your audience that there are real people behind your brand that are really interested in making the audience happy and providing a high-quality service. The back and forth messaging in your WordPress site or blog comments, and true willingness to listen to your audience, is good networking that will be highly appreciated by your audience. This appreciation can lead also to an increased number of positive conversations in comments, as to increased conversions and number of purchases if we’re talking about an ecommerce website.

Your users active on comments can help you use the power of word of mouth.

If there are some blog posts or any other pieces of content on your WordPress website that get lots of comments, there is a high chance that the most active users will draw other people into the conversation. And this is how your comments can help you grow your audience through the use of one simple plugin that is really easy to manage even if you are the only person to do it. There’s even a chance that the most active comments users will write some post about an interesting conversation in their social media, thus promoting your brand or blog.

The comments plugin makes the conversations really easy to follow..

The comments plugin makes it really easy and straightforward to follow the discussions on your WordPress site by means of a huge list of options. Your website visitors will easily find interesting comments they want to answer or simply interested to follow in the future as the conversation develops. Opposite to social media comments, your website discussions won’t fade away and will always be visible not only to participants, but to all categories of users.

Your comments section can work as a social proof for your WordPress blog or site.

As people will come to your WordPress site, they are going to see lots of interesting and tempting things, and nothing is more convincing for them to stay than the comments section. Lots of conversations connected to the topics your site relates to can have a huge impact on your customers trust as they will have an opportunity to see your high appreciation with their own eyes – and share their opinion in case they want and have something to say. And some of your new visitors may want to become the part of your comments community.

Comments plugin can be a source of fresh ideas for your content.

Regardless of your WordPress blog or website main topics and your own experience, there’s always a chance you may face the lack of inspiration. And here’s how you can use the benefit of the comments plugin on the pages of your WordPress website. Simply incorporate it to your website’s pages, initiate some conversation in the comments and see your users provide you with some helpful advice on what really matters to them. Here’s how you comments plugin can help you become friends with your visitors as they will see the content you create just for them.

Many more amazing design and functional settings are coming soon to the Comments plugin for WordPress

Elfsight awesome teams of developers and designers are currently working on the Comments plugin for WordPress functionality and structure. There will be a broad array of adjustments, it’ll be possible to tailor your content so that it turns into an essential section of your website. There will be an opportunity to examine all the functions and produce the comments plugin in the near future, stay tuned! Our developers also offer a unique tool for those who value their time – a Color Theme Generator that’ll produce a design for your Comments plugin automatically. Simply pick up primary color, a Light or Dark mode, and permit the automatic color designer to set everything up for you. In addition, if you need a unique design, you can further modify all the Comments plugin’s elements individually: popup, background, head section, etc. See all changes in real time in a free configurator with no need to program.

And here are some key features of the Comments plugin for your WordPress site:

  • Color schemes for your use case.
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, text.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Various question types.
  • Regular live updates.

Use one more way to promote and sell your items on your WordPress website!

How can I embed the WordPress Comments plugin to my WordPress website?

You can paste the comments plugin to all pages of your site, or only to the ones you select. You can as well exclude selected pages if you don’t need the comments plugin to appear there.

In case you challenge some problems, have no hesitation to reach out to our customer service staff. Our consultants will be excited to help you with all the questions you might have with the Comments plugin.