How to get and use TikTok API: integration and examples

Have you ever wondered how to get access to and embed TikTok content into your website or app? We’ve made a research and compiled a guide into the TikTok API to answer the questions asked by many.
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How to get and use TikTok API: integration and examples

What is TikTok API?

TikTok API presents a set of application programming interfaces. The platform provides developers with tools to create an interface for creators and users. It enables people to share videos to the entire TikTok or display TikTok videos on a website.

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How do I get TikTok API?

TikTok provides an open API available for everyone who registers an account at the developers website with an intent to integrate TikTok into his or her application. 

  • Step 1 – Create an account

    First, go to the TikTok developers portal and create an account there.

    TikTok developer website

    Press log in and enter the service if you have already created an account or click Sign up.

    TikTok developer account registration

    Enter your email address and press Send PIN to email.

    TikTok email verification

    Check your inbox for the automated message sent from TikTok platform. Enter the code to verify your developer account and press Next. Keep in mind that you only have 1 minute to do that.

    TokTok developer account verification

    The last step is to set the password for the access to your account.

    TikTok password setting
  • Step 2 – Accept terms and conditions

    The next step is to read the TikTok Developer Terms and Conditions document appearing in the following popup and press Accept.

    TikTok developer Terms and Conditions
    We strongly recommend you to take your time and study the document to be aware of the use principles and restrictions.
  • Step 3 – Connect your application

    Choose Connect a new app option in the My apps tab once you’ve entered your account.

    Connect application to TikTok API

    Enter the name of the application you want to integrate with TikTok and upload its icon. Press Start to Continue.

    Create TikTok Application
  • Step 4 – Submit application for review

    In order to start working on your integration, you have to first submit the application so TikTok team can review it and give you access to the platform API and software development tools.

    Submit TikTok application for review

    Here’s the data you have to fill in:

    App nameThe name of your actual and existing application into which you want to integrate TikTok content.My Application
    CategoryThere’s a dropdown list available. You have to pick the category that suits your case the most or note Others, if nothing seems to fit.The most commonly used seem to include:BusinessEducationLifestyleShopping;etc.
    iOs or Android download URLIt requires a link to your app on one or both of the platforms
    DescriptionA short description of what do you need an API integration forDisplay TikTok visual content
    Official websiteLink to the official web page of your online project
    Bundle IDIt uniquely identifies an application in Apple’s system. It can be found at the end of your App Store
    PKG nameThis ID uniquely identifies an app on the device and in Google Play

    After you’ve sent your app for review, you have to wait for the result. After you get an approval, you will be granted a Client Key to start working on your integration.

    The TikTok analytics for your API using application can be found above the App info tab on your application page.

    TikTok analytics API

How to use TikTok API

TikTok API integration

Basically the developer tools which TikTok provides serve for uploading videos to the TikTok platform and for embedding videos from TikTok into the app or website. The first solution for sharing videos to the TikTok platform is based on the Open SDK solution for iOs and Android. It is intended to the developers who would like to give their audience an option for posting videos directly to the TikTok platform via his or her app. 

In order to implement this functionality, check if your application has access to the Photo Gallery on a device. After a successful sharing to TikTok, its users will see the name of your app in TikTok feed.

The other Embed Videos solution is divided into the single video and developers’ integration. A single video can be inserted into a web-page with the help of embed code, which you can get on the TikTok website. This is an option only if you want to embed one or several single videos into your web-resource.

There is also a way for developers to embed videos programmatically by converting their URLs into a video markup using the oEmbed API.

TikTok Marketing API

The platform also provides its Business Account Users with the tools for advertising as well as with the ads Tiktok API. This solution allows the users who advertise with TikTok to interact directly with the TikTok Ads Manager platform for automated advertising campaign management and analytics. Its typical use cases may involve:

  • Getting individual data on advertisement performance
  • Start and manage your ads campaign in bulk
  • Computer-aided ad optimization


The TikTok portal for developers features the Docs section with the main information and guides on using the API and integrating the Open SDK solution. It is divided into the iOS and Android starting guides. There’s also a section concerning TikTok video integration.


Does TikTok have an API?

Yes, TikTok provides software developing tools for its content management and integration.

Why would I need the TikTok API?

These solutions give its users access to the Developer Services for building and testing applications for interaction with TikTok platform allowing users to share videos to TikTok and link generation for TikTok content integration.

How to get the TikTok API key?

If you want to gain access to the TikTok API, you have to register with the Developer Site and provide the data and information requested by TikTok team specialists.

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