Planso Forms alternative: compare, reviews, coupons

Is Elfsight the best alternative to Planso Forms? The answer is undoubtedly “yes”. Now, let’s see why: below, we’ve gathered a comparison chart, discount coupons, revision and sites like Planso Forms.

Elfsight vs Planso Forms: Features

Let’s walk through the main features of the platforms and observe the main parts of what you can get from each of them. Explore which company is actually suitable for you!

Elfsight Planso Forms
Number of products 601
Websites Unlimited 1-50
Localization 20 languages1 language
Customization via CSS Yes
Platforms supported All platforms (including WordPress) WordPress

Elfsight vs Planso Forms: Pricing and coupons

Let’s get acquainted with the general report of the most substantial peculiarities of the companies: plugin price, limitations, free trial period, compensation guarantee and a variety of discounts and coupons for clients. Explore which company is actually suitable for you!

Elfsight Planso Forms
Price per widget $6-30 /month $29-499/month
Limits in the use of widgetsWidget loadings Number of websites supported, tracking affiliate referrals
Feature limitsUnlimited No opportunity to create register and login forms
A free planFull featured free plan No free plan
Free trial limitsViews and branding link No free trial
Money back guarantee14 days
Non-profit organizations discountFree – 50%
Other coupons20% Elfsight welcome coupon,
30% for the second interaction,
50% for the third interaction

Elfsight vs Planso Forms: Support

If there are any problems installing widgets, you might need to contact the help center. Get more info about the services’ support centers and select the one which is best for you.

Elfsight Planso Forms
Free installation serviceYesNo
All the data has been obtained from the publicly available channels. The Elfsight company does not take the responsibility for reliability of the information demonstrated. On the condition of facing any inaccuracies, don’t hesitate to contact our team so that we could perform all the crucial corrections.

Quick facts on Elfsight

User Community
Satisfaction Rate
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0 billion
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Shutting the door on Planso Forms ?

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What types of items do Planso Forms and Elfsight offer?

Elfsight offers tons of widgets which can help you in boosting sales, engaging your visitors and getting more leads. Planso Forms offer only form builders.

How to use the discount coupon?

To use the Elfsight coupon, put it in the designated box on the checkout. 

To utilize the Planso Forms discount, you have to paste it at the designated box while filling in user info at the checkout page. 

Is client help included in your tariff plans?

Unlimited help and daily automatic updates comprise our pricing plans. 

Are there any customization options?

Of course! Elfsight allows you to personalise all the widgets according to your taste even if you’ve selected the Free tariff plan while Planso Forms only opens it to the users who chose the premium ones.

Planso Forms isn’t working. What should I do?

If you experience any difficulties with the Planso Forms, address the customer support. If it doesn’t help, see the alternative platform instead.

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