G2 Crowd Reviews for Adobe Muse

Selected users’ opinions from G2 on your site
G2 Crowd Reviews for Adobe Muse
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Elfsight G2 Reviews is the simplest way to sustain your business reputation via showing real users’ reviews on your products. Publish only the best or the most meaningful comments and organise them exactly as you need. Collect social proof by demonstrating to your website visitors that your credibility level is high. Inspire people to add more comments on your business and encourage customer communications!

Raise the level of trustworthiness of your brand with the help of G2 Crowd reviews on your site


In order to get a clearer knowledge of G2 Crowd widget, here’s the list of the main traits. They make our widget really beneficial for your store:

  • 3 ready-to-use filters: by type, exclude by, and the quantity of reviews to show;
  • 4 ready-to-use layouts: List, Grid, Masonry, and Slider;
  • Fully flexible header of the widget;
  • The button to request a review takes people to your G2 page;
  • Six adjustable elements of the interface: author name and the photo, review, the date of leaving, G2 icon, and star rating;
  • 2 possible scenarios after review request denial: displaying a message or removing the button.

Our live demo will open all features to you

How to add G2 Crowd Reviews to Adobe Muse website

The below actions are the only thing you need to do in order to publish your reviews on the site.

  1. Create your unique G2 Crowd plugin
    With the help of our free demo, generate a plugin with a selected composition and functions.
  2. Get the individual code to display the plugin
    After you have configured your widget, you will receive the installation code from the popup window on Elfsight Apps. Copy the code.
  3. Embed the plugin on your Muse site
    Select the area where you need to embed the plugin and add the copied code there. Apply the edits.
  4. Done!
    Visit the site, to see your work.

Still have something that makes you unsure? Or stumbled upon anything? Simply send a request to our customer service. We will settle your every issue.

Create G2 Crowd Reviews widget totally free!

Straight from our demo, build up a unique widget and display it on your website.


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