Friday Showcase Volume #1

We announce a new series of blog posts called “Friday Showcase”. In each article you will find a new set of cool websites, which use one of our plugins. Let’s start right now with the very first volume.
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Friday Showcase Volume #1
Elfsight team sells plugins all over the world. Our Instagram and YouTube plugins are top-trending products on Envato with about 3 000 sales. No wonder we find real masterpiece websites, which use our plugins, more and more often. These websites deserve being showed wide audience.

Today’s Plugin – InstaShow

Almost any company nowadays can have its own Instagram account. You ask, for what? Just look at the overall number of Instagrammers, which is tremendously huge. The possibility of finding your potential customers here is rather high. Of course, an Instagram account itself isn’t enough for reaching the target audience. Lots of components should be taken into account in order to lift a curtain. Instagram feed is the right approach if you aim at increasing followers and traffic to your website at a time. As InstaShow has more than 100 parameters, there are different variants of implementing it on a website. Therefore, here’s a list of note-worthy websites, which did it well and implemented the Instagram plugin awesomely. And today we have:
  • Colorful photographer website
  • Simple and attractive apparel shop
  • So sweet baby goods store
  • Men’s jeep gear store
Now let’s view Instagram feed examples in detail.

1. Photographer Portfolio Website

The website is great. You visit it and understand, who owns the website – pro-level photographer. It contains portfolio and our Instagram feed InstaShow. Any photographer has to enlarge the audience so that more people can find his breath-taking photos. Instagram feed on a website can also help to do it. Moreover, the feed plays a part of an additional photo gallery.
Photographer Instagram Feed
Photographer Instagram feed example
The feed fits perfectly on the presented website. Scroll option is off so the main goal of the feed is to amplify with the web design and to show the most recent photos from the social network. You can also see any photo right in Instagram by clicking on it and subscribe the photographer’s account.

2. Sport Apparel Online Store

Another Instagram gallery example is AMPM site. This store has its style. If you are fond of sports and keep your body in a good shape, then you’ll like this website. The company sells sports apparel online with its brand on each item. Social media is one of the key points for spreading a word about the brand. That’s why the company uses actively Instagram and displays it on the official website. All content relates to fitness training and popularizes the healthy lifestyle.
Apparel Instagram Feed
Apparel store Instagram feed example
By the way, you can become a part of the growing community. Promote their brand using #TEAMAMPM and related photos with such hashtag. InstaShow will do the rest and show the most interesting moments right on the website. The plugin looks like an eye-catching element, which supplements the whole website. Moreover, the audience can view all photos in popup by just clicking on it. Thus, there will be all information about the chosen photo and a view button, which leads to the appropriate Instagram account and opens the photo.

3. Baby Goods Online Store

This “Modern Baby” website sells various stylish clothing for small babies online. Any parent will be delighted by presented items. The whole website is so simple in use and attractive that it makes you buy something for your child. InstaShow adds its contribution to the beautiful design of the website. The plugin shows cute babies dressed in clothing from the shop, it presents directly the range of goods and also announces giveaways and special offers.
Baby Goods Instagram Feed
Baby Goods Instagram feed example
Such active usage results in the growing number of Instagram followers along with the increase in website traffic, as potential customers are able to find the online store from the photo-sharing social network. The site uses Instagram feed InstaShow as a footer on several pages with the ability to scroll photos in the gallery. With the scroll option customers can enjoy all high-quality images presented in the feed. The essential popup mode is enabled as well for the convenient browsing.

4. Jeep & Truck Gear Online Store

The gear store has a great range of items for jeeps and trucks, which can be bought online. The website has its own amazingly looking version of the Instagram feed. The grid presents the visual usage of special gear to promote outfit and to increase interest in it.
Jeep Instagram Feed
Jeep gear Instagram feed example
The whole power of off-road vehicles is depicted in the Instagram gallery. InstaShow attracts audience and shows cars geared with the special equipment in action. There is no need to load special photos. Just post them in Instagram and images will be available for the wide audience on the website. The online store uses custom color schemes, which looks nice and fits the overall design. Free mode allows the feed to automatically shift pages in the gallery for a quick presentation of the content. Popup is also modified and now it shows only the main description of each photo without any link to Instagram.

Consider Presented Cases for Your Website

That’s it. The first volume comes to the upshot. We hope that this article will be useful and you will take into account some ideas and variants of InstaShow usage for your websites.
Stay tuned to our blog as there is more to come in our next Friday Showcase.
Instagram Feed InstaShow Preview