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Amazon Reviews for Webnode

Display reviews on your products from Amazon on your site


Amazon Reviews for Webnode
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Elfsight Amazon widget is the most simple method to improve your brand representation by voicing real visitors comments about your goods. Display only the best or the most meaningful viewpoints and arrange them the way you need. Garner social proof by showing your website visitors that you can be trusted.

Inspire users to post new comments on your products and encourage customer conversations!


In order to achieve a better perception of the widget, check the list of its essential traits. They make our widget incredibly effective for your promotion:

  • 3 ready-to-use filters: by type, exclude by, and amount of reviews for displaying;
  • 4 variants of layouts: List, Grid, Masonry, and Slider;
  • An opportunity to switch on/off the header of the widget;
  • Review request button gets people to the Amazon page;
  • 6 customizable elements of the reviews: the name of the author and photo, recommendation text, date of posting, Amazon icon, and star rating;
  • Two variants of scenarios after review request denial: display a custom message or conceal the button;

Discover a full list of features in demo

How to add Amazon Reviews to Webnode website

The below steps are the only thing you need to set up Amazon Reviews on your site. It will take just three minutes of time and you don’t need to bother with coding.

  1. Design your own Amazon plugin
    Managing our free editor, shape a plugin with a preferable interface and functionality.
  2. Copy the individual code to integrate the plugin
    After you have set your widget, you will acquire the unique code from the appearing notification on Elfsight Apps. Copy this code.
  3. The plugin on your Webnode site
    Select the area you plan to add the plugin to and insert the copied code there. Publish the changes.
  4. The integration is successful!
    Enter your website, to see your work.

Still doubt something? Or have inquiries? Simply send a request to our customer support team. They will help you with any occurring problem.

How to add Amazon Reviews to my Webnode website without coding skills?

Elfsight provides a SaaS solution that lets you create an Amazon Reviews widget yourself, see how easy the process is: Work directly in the online Editor to create an Amazon Reviews widget you would like to see on your Webnode website. Pick one of the premade templates and adjust the Amazon Reviews settings, add your content, change the layout and colors without any coding skills. Save the Amazon Reviews and copy its installation code, that you can effortlessly include in your Webnode website with no need to buy a paid subscription. With our intuitive Editor any internet user can create Amazon Reviews widget online and easily embed it to their Webnode website. There’s no need to pay or enter your card credentials in order to access the service. If you face any issues at any step, please feel free to contact our technical support team.


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