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Coronavirus Stats Examples

Check Coronavirus (covid-19) widget examples to reveal the full potential of the website. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Coronavirus World statistics

Main features: table, statistics.

The table demonstrates overall stats on COVID-19 cases around the world. All the data is presented in a form of a table. Three columns demonstrate the number of cases, deaths and recovered people around the whole world and by country. The worldwide statistics is placed at the top of the table.

Example 2. Covid-19 European stats

Main features: table, statistics.

This table contains statistics on European countries only, while worldwide stats placed at the top. Each column displays the current number and the number of new confirmed cases. All the numbers are marked with different colours.

Example 3. Coronavirus One country stats

Main features: statistics, featured country.

The widget only reveals data on the spread of the virus in the USA. Users can see the number of recovered people, deaths and confirmed cases. This variant is suitable for those who have limited space on their web page.

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Example 4. Covid-19 Dark theme

Main features: dark mode, table.

Here the dark mode is used which makes the information look more well-marked. It helps not to miss important stats concerning the COVID-19 spread around the world.

Example 5. Compact stats widget

Main features: featured country, stats.

You are free to show the stats on any number of countries. In this example we can see only one country being displayed. The dark colors help emphasize the numbers. You can easily expand the list in the info tab.

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