Duda Affiliate Program vs Elfsight Referral program

u003cpu003e Elfsight is the best possible alternative to Envato’s referral program? Letu2019s check why: weu2019ll figure out which one can give you more revenue, find the one with lesser fee, compile testimonials of other affiliates and discover similar programs.u003c/pu003e

Affiliate Program: Elfsight vs Duda

Unfirtunately, Duda doesn’t offer any affiliate programs at the moment. Instead, you can check the Elfsight referral program – one of the best for those ones who want to start with affiliate marketing now.

Average bill$47
Payment type Lifetime
Minimum payment amount $50
Payment frequency Once a month
Commission 35%
Conversion 11%
Support Personal manager
Marketing materials Referral links + Demo + Banners
Tracking Tracking Request

Some quick facts on Elfsight Referral Program

User Community
Satisfaction Rate
Partner Platforms
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Switching to Elfsight partner program?

u003cpu003eUsing our marketing materials youu2019ll obtain the maximum conversion! tionu003c/pu003e


u003cstrongu003eEnvato Referral programu003c/strongu003e

The Envato Affiliate program is among the simplest ones. All you have to do to start using it is to create a free account. Right after that you’ll become the Envato Affiliate. The service pays you 30% commission on every first purchase of a referred user. It’s the best choice for those ones who don’t know how to start with affiliate programs.

u003cstrongu003eHow to start working with the Envato Affiliate program?u00a0u003c/strongu003e

The participation is free. To be the part of the Envato partner program you need to meet the following conditions: 

  • Set up a special Referral account
  • Grab your ?ref for links
  • Embed the ?ref you’ve acquired to your Envato code links
  • You’re done! 

Right after that you’ll start earning your fees from each purchase after clicking on those links.

u003cstrongu003eHow can I build a referral link?u00a0u003c/strongu003e

All you have to do is include your unique ?ref to the links on the Envato shop so that they could be introduced in the partner program.

u003cstrongu003eWhere can I check my affiliate earnings?u00a0u003c/strongu003e

You can observe all the statistics and make all the needed uploads in your Envato partner account. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the possible ways to register and join in the Envato affiliate program?u00a0u003c/strongu003e

To sign up or enter your account use this link: https://envato.com/market/affiliate-program/

u003cstrongu003eHow does the Envato Referral Program work?u00a0u003c/strongu003e

Users pick the links with your ?ref and make purchases at Envato. You acquire your percentage for each deal. Your ?ref fits with all the Envato services (CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, VideoHive, etc.)

u003cstrongu003eWord book of termsu003c/strongu003e

Affiliate/Referral program – marketing tool for growing sales and mass disposal of the product. 

Affiliate code – usually those are referral links, that are added to website code or any other resources (applications, blogs, social media etc.). There’s also an opportunity of affiliate plugin, which allows you to implement referral code straight into your web page. 

Affiliate tracking – transactional analytics for every user who clicked on your ?ref links. Most commonly it implicates a payment agenda and may contain only a lifetime or regular payment.