GoDaddy Weather plugin

Provide the weather forecast for any point of the map on your website
GoDaddy Weather plugin
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Elfsight Weather is a useful and highly adjustable website plugin for GoDaddy to display the fresh weather for a chosen area. Enter a district by the title, ZIP or the coordinates. Website users can now check the latest info on the temperature, air pressure, humidity, and active weather. You can also demonstrate hourly or daily forecasts. You can adjust the interface using a weather-themed background and the feature to apply your own colors.

Make it handy for customers to order journey with the weather forecast always in view!

Check all the functional traits of Weather plugin. You can adjust them right in the editor and they will help you shape the plugin exactly for your needs.

  • 3 ways to enter the place: by the name, the ZIP code, and the coordinates;
  • More than 30 languages supported to show weather data in your native tongue;
  • 5 variants of the plugin configuration for different use-cases;
  • The option to show the day-to-day forecast for the future week with dates;
  • Show hour-by-hour forecast for the nearest 12 hours.

Test all other functions in the demo

How to add Weather plugin to my GoDaddy site?

To embed Weather plugin, simply take these fast steps

  1. Construct your unique Weather plugin
    Managing our free editor, generate a plugin with a custom look and functional traits.
  2. Receive the personal code to publisih the plugin
    After you have customized your plugin, you will receive the installation code from the appearing window on Elfsight Apps. Copy this code.
  3. Integrate the plugin on your Muse site
    Choose the area you would like to display the plugin to and add the copied code there. Save the results.
  4. You’re done!
    Go to your site, to see your plugin.

Don’t hesitate to address our support service when you need assistance or having queries. We will give a helping hand with every request.

Shape your own Weather plugin in no time!

You can adjust the plugin in the editor and introduce it into your site straight from the live demo.


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