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Crowdfunding plugin for WordPress

Avail of our free catalog of user-friendly plugins tailored to enhance user activity and achieve commercial outcomes. Expect easy integration, extensive customization, and professional customer service.

Why you should contemplate integrating the Crowdfunding on your WordPress site

Through the use of the WordPress Crowdfunding plugin, you’ll gain the power to support and manage fundraising campaigns directly on your website. With the Crowdfunding plugin, you can enable visitors to fund projects, initiatives, or products, and track campaign progress in real-time on your WordPress site.

Here are some explanations why you should consider integrating the Crowdfunding plugin to your WordPress site:

  • Boost your fundraising efforts by hosting campaigns on-site. Add a funding plugin to enable users to initiate and contribute to fundraising efforts, increasing the reach and success of campaigns through direct access and ease of use.
  • Engage your community by facilitating contributions. Use a crowdsourcing tool to allow your community to support causes or projects they care about, which can encourage a stronger connection and community spirit on your platform.
  • Monitor and show fundraising progress effectively. Implement a campaign tracker to provide real-time updates on fundraising progress, helping both campaigners and donors see the impact of their contributions and manage goals effectively.

Many exciting options are coming soon for the Crowdfunding plugin for WordPress

Elfsight’s talented development and design teams are currently expanding the Crowdfunding’s capabilities and integration options. There will be a wide range of settings to customize your Crowdfunding, turning it into a fundamental tool for fundraising and donor engagement. You’ll be able to try out all the functions and implement the funding plugin in the near future, so stay tuned!

Here are some key features:

  • Diverse funding models such as donations, rewards, or equity
  • Adjustable campaign pages with rich media support
  • Connection with major payment gateways
  • Ongoing updates and enhancements

Enhance your fundraising capabilities and involve your community with the help of the WordPress Crowdfunding plugin!

How can I embed the Crowdfunding to my WordPress website?

As a no-code solution, you can quickly embed the code of the plugin to your WordPress to start using the product immediately. The funds gathering plugin can work on any page of your website or only on the chosen pages.

  1. Operate our configurator and start creating your own no-code plugin.
    Select the custom look and features of the app and make the modifications.
  2. Get the personal embed code displayed in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    After the setup is over, duplicate the personal code at the appeared popup and save it for later use.
  3. Commence using the plugin on the WordPress homepage.
    Insert the code saved before in your web page and apply the modifications.
  4. Done! The embedding of your no-code plugin is fully performed.
    Go to your website to see how the added crowdsourcing solution performs.

In case you face any obstacles, do not be afraid to reach out to our customer service staff. Our support will be delighted to resolve all the issues you might have when adding the Crowdfunding plugin.

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