Weebly Coronavirus Stats app

Provide your website visitors with up-to-date statistics on the COVID-19 spread
Weebly Coronavirus Stats app
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Elfsight Coronavirus Stats is an uncomplicated app for Weebly which allows you to see the data on COVID-19 spread all over the world. Applying it, you can reveal the statistics right on your website and help your visitors take care of their health and relatives. You are free to translate all the widget’s components to your language, use any number format and repaint the background and text elements.

By means of the Coronavirus widget you’ll manage to keep a watch on and demonstrate the up-to-date data to your visitors and help them take trouble about of their health

We offer valuable and uncomplicated features, here are some of them:

  • Choose the fitting number configuration.
  • Alter font size and weight.
  • Three background categories: Image, Color or Transparent.
  • Demonstrate overall statistics or by country.
  • Pick the featured country.

You can see how the app works trying out the demo

How can I embed Elfsight Coronavirus Stats app on my Weebly website?

Simply apply the instructions below to add the tool.

  1. Perform our free demo and start building your custom app.
    Find the selected layout and aspects of the plugin and apply the edits.
  2. Acquire your individual code which is shown in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the establishing of your personal widget is over, copy the exclusive code in the emerged box and keep it for further use.
  3. Enter on using the plugin on your Weebly web page.
    Paste the code copied before into your homepage and apply the improvements.
  4. The Setup is successfully performed.
    Go to your page to inspect how’s the widget working.

On condition of having questions or facing some obstacles, don’t hesitate to seek assistance of our customer service team. Our consultants will be excited to resolve all the questions you may have with the widget.

Go ahead to make up personalized Weebly Coronavirus Stats

Tailor it and integrate the widget on your homepage making use of demo.


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