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plugin de Audio Player para WooCommerce

Añada archivos de audio en todos los extensiones populares a su sitio


Elfsight Audio Player is a simple plugin for WooCommerce which lets you to playback audio tracks straight on your website. The widget is exceedingly modifiable: you can change its position, setting it anywhere on the page, change its size, recolor the background and all other parts to mingle it with your site’s style, use dark theme, display images and demonstrate or hide four other player elements like progress bar, title and others. Include as much tracks as you wish to entertain your audience, switch the autoplay on and don’t hesitate – your users won’t leave your web page immediately!


Make your site more efficient for ecommerce goals with Elfsight Audio Player

What exactly other widgets for WooCommerce you have to offer?

We can grant a huge variety of widgets for you to accomplish any sort of task on your website. For example, you can choose Instagram Feed to present your business via an interactive feed, or WhatsApp Chat to give your audience an easy-to-use and familiar tool to contact you. Or it can be Pricing Table that will allow you present your pricing policy, and Amazon Reviews with a reviews on your business from delighted customers. And of course there’s always a spot for QR Code widget.

Which way can I embed the WooCommerce Music Player plugin to my website?

You are free to add the Music Player plugin into your WooCommerce website theme. Just open the admin board and perform the following actions:

  1. Click theme settings.
  2. Pick the part where you are to add the Music Player on.
  3. Embed the code from Elfsight Apps and save your modifications.
  4. Finished.

Also, you are welcome to inspect this guide if you need a more detailed instruction on the WooCommerce plugin installation.

Is there a way to see your WooCommerce Music Player plugin in action?

Yes, you are welcome to do it right in the widget’s demo. keep in mind that you can create and then add the widget to your WooCommerce site straight out of demo!

These are just several of the rich widget features:

  • Unlimited color variations
  • Dark/light color theme
  • Responsive design
  • 2 layouts available
  • An option to add background image

You can try the full functionality of the widget in the demo

How can I embed Audio Player to my WooCommerce website?

Simply take several steps presented below to integrate the plugin.

  1. Managing our free editor, start shaping your custom widget.
    Specify the custom form and specifications of the tool and apply the modifications.
  2. Get the unique code shown in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the customization of your plugin is over, copy the exclusive code from the appeared window and save it for later usage.
  3. Get started with using the tool on WooCommerce page.
    Add the code copied recently in your homepage and apply the corrections.
  4. You’re done! The embedding is successfully accomplished.
    Go your page to see the work of the widget.

If you run into any problems, feel free to seek assistance of our support team. Our specialists are eager to resolve all the difficulties you might have with the widget.


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