Créer Barre d'annonce un widget

Ajoutez le widget à votre site web. Vite. Facile. Pas de codage.

Comment ajouter Barre d'annonce à un site web

1. Personnalisez le widget
Utilisez diverses options pour obtenir un widget parfait pour votre cas d'utilisation.
2. Obtenez votre code d'installation
Obtenez le code unique de votre widget personnalisé et copiez-le.
3. Collez le code dans votre site Web
Collez le code à l’emplacement souhaité du site internet ou du modèle.

Can I change the design of the widget?

Certainly! You can do it in our handy editor. All you need is to go to the Style tab and perform all the needed adjustments. After you’re completed, save the adjustments.

How may I embed the Announcement Bar into my website template?

All you need is to create your widget, then change its style and save the modifications. Copy the code of your widget and add it into the layout you are currently using.

Do all your tools suit my site platform?

Of course! Our tools perform exceptionally on all most used website platforms, for example, Webflow and on almost all platforms with custom HTML (Blogger, etc). Also, if you face any obstacles you can always address our support staff.

Is your plugin responsive?

Exactly right! You don’t need to worry about its efficiency – our tools work and look great on any device you’re utilizing.

Can I adjust the proportions of the Announcement Bar?

Yes. All you are to do here is to in the editor, mark the height and diameter of your plugin in pixels or percentage. You also can select the Auto option so that it might swiftly fit into the free space available on your website page.