WordPress Virtual tour plugin

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Why you should consider integrating the Virtual tour plugin on your WordPress site

Now you’ve got at your disposal a perfect plugin to present your business or organise any other type of panget an opportunity to create a virtual tour where your website visitors can look through a 360 view of your physical location, switch between different scenes, read the information on the items available within the location, to understand how your place looks in the real life by means of the tour. The virtual tour plugin also allows you to add multiple effects which your visitors will observe when switching between scenes of your WordPress tour plugin. You are welcome to attach hotspots to your tour plugin which you can select from our vast library or upload your own. And to make a really noticeable virtual tour on your WordPress site, there’s an option to accompany them with animations. Your hotspots can also be enhanced with links, images, texts, videos, files and any other content you need to make your Virtual tour highly informative and engaging for your WordPress site audience!

Here are some reasons for you to consider incorporating the virtual tour plugin to your WordPress site:

  • The virtual tour plugin can enhance your presence on search engines. In case you’re considering adding virtual tour plugin to your WordPress website, you should keep in mind that with this feature integrated you have a chance to showcase your business the most representative way and draw more customers to your website or offline store – all through the use of one single tour plugin! Also, the research data shows that the online listings with virtual tour included get clicked almost twice as often as the ones without tour included.
  • The virtual tour plugin can help you boost user retention on your WordPress site.Virtual tour can help you keep your audience longer on your WordPress site. Just as you add the virtual tour plugin on your site, see how your retention rates grow as users will definitely want to slide through your tour to get all the details about your offline location and get acquainted with all the information you’ve included on your tour. All you have to do here is to make your tour highly informative and use all the interactive possibilities of the tour plugin.
  • Virtual tour is there to help you uplevel sales on your WordPress website. Having 360 degree panorama photos of your items on your ecommerce store increases the chances of your products to be considered as worth buying by your website and tour audience. More than that, the studies data shows that the conversion rates on pages with virtual tour images is significantly higher than on the ones that do not have tour included. Also, keep in mind that lots of users prefer to go online before making a final decision about a purchase, so providing them with all the info about your products and services through an informative tour might increase your chances to sell your products.

Virtual tour on your WordPress site can help you generate more traffic and engage more users on your WP site.

It’s simple – the more people know about you and the services you provide – the more are chances of getting your products or services sold. And here our virtual tour plugin can really come in handy as you may use it to give as much info as possible. Demonstrate your offline store or simply use the tour plugin to show 360 degree product photos so that your audience could view all the details and make an informed decision about the purchase.

Tons of other functional and styling settings are coming soon to the Virtual tour plugin for WordPress

Elfsight exceptional teams of programmers and designers are working up the virtual tour plugin’s functional capability and structure right now. There will be a wide selection of features, it’ll be possible to tailor the content in the virtual tour plugin the way it becomes a complete section of your website. You’ll have an opportunity to examine all the functions and build the online tour plugin in the near future, wait for it!

Our developers also offer a unique solution for design amateurs – a Color Scheme Generator that’ll create a palette for your virtual tour plugin all by itself. Simply pick up either a Dark or Light mode, brand color, and permit the automatic color designer to set everything up for you. On the other hand, if you need a unique look of the tour plugin, you can further customize all the elements one-by-one: background, popup, head section, and so forth. See all modifications straightaway in the online configurator with no need to code.

And here are some key features of the Virtual tour plugin for your WordPress site:

  • Color schemes for your use case.
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, text.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Various question types.
  • Ongoing live updates.

Present your business at its best through the use of a virtual tour plugin!

How can I embed the WordPress virtual tour plugin to my website?

The Virtual Tour plugin can work well on all pages of your website, or only on the pages you set. There’s also an option to restrict it on selected pages if you don’t need the tour plugin to be present there.

On condition of having questions or clashing with some complications, please apply for our support team. Our consultants are longing to help you with all the questions you might have with the virtual tour plugin.