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Resume plugin for WordPress websites

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Why you need Resume plugin on your WordPress website

Starting a freelance career or attempting your next move is not an easy task, that’s why trying to get help here is a must. And our soon-to-be released Resume plugin for WordPress is there for you! Attaching your resume to your website is one of the best ways to stand out against the competitors, and with the Resume plugin for WordPress it will be an easy to fulfill task. Also, as your resume is going to be the first thing your website visitors are going to see when they come to your site, it has to be well structured and eye-catching, and our CV plugin can provide you with tons of styling and structuring options. Create an easy-to-view and attractive resume in a click of a mouse.

Let’s dive deeper into our soon-to-be-released Resume plugin functional traits and see why you need it added to your WordPress site:

  • It’s really easy to incorporate into almost any page of your WordPress site. As there is no one use case that fits all categories of users, we’ve made our Resume plugin incredibly flexible, so that you could easily place it anywhere on your site. In most cases, users want their resume to be placed at the top page of their sites as there it has a higher chance of being seen by the site’s audience. By means of our new plugin, you’ll make your CV extremely visible and impossible to miss.
  • Your Resume can be easily blended in your WordPress site’s or theme design.One of the greatest ways about having your Resume published on your WordPress site or theme is that you have a chance to turn it into an inseparable part of your site’s design. Having a resume with a unique style is also great as it visually stands out and does not mimic some third-party resumes that all resemble one another. Use our soon-to-be-released plugin to tell about your skills in the most representative way.
  • Easily present your skills and qualifications via handy Resume plugin.By means of our Resume plugin that is going to be released in the nearest future, you’ll get a chance to present the summary of your skills and achievements without bothering about the structure. Use the plugin’s modern design to focus on your education past, projects you’ve successfully completed, previous work experience, and add a portfolio of your most noteworthy works. For your comfort, the Resume plugin has ready-made fields for education, career, positions in companies you worked with, as well as a special field where you can demonstrate the accomplishments that you are especially proud of.

A resume plugin on your WordPress site will help you make your CV more visible

Along with publishing your resume on all popular job search websites, you definitely need to place your CV on your site if you’ve got one. As recruiters also use Google to search for ideal candidates, your resume has a huge chance of being seen by them, especially if it’s attractive and well-structured. Nowadays it’s a common thing for recruiters to google candidates profiles before assigning a job interview, and that’s how they can stample upon your impossible-to-miss plugin that has all your works and job experience presented in the most attractive an easy to understand way.

Gain a competitive advantage with a CV plugin

Once you start working with our new Resume plugin for WordPress, you’ll get access to a plethora of opportunities to polish your online presence. You can easily make the most out of them by showcasing your strengths and experience and make sure you will be a desirable candidate to hire. Make sure you’ve added your portfolio and work samples to your resume as well as client reviews in case you’ve got them and some relevant images or photos – this all will make your resume look more trusted and valuable.

Boost your chances of finding a job with our new plugin

Allow your sleek and stylish resume to speak for itself. By placing our awesome plugin to your website’s homepage you’ll get a chance to present all your incredible and valuable experience the easiest way. More than that, by having a resume posted on your personal website, you allow your website audience to get to know you better, maybe follow you on social media, and it all can lead to establishing new connections and getting more interesting job offers and recommendations. All you have to do is to structure your content well and see if the plugin works and looks great on your WordPress site.

Feel the freedom of creativity

Having a Resume plugin on your WP site provides you with tons of creative possibilities that are not possible to be displayed on some third-party job search resources. As you’ve got your own website to demonstrate your resume, you can let your imagination flow freely and add all the details and features you feel are important to be present in your resume. For example, there’s no limit for images and other files to attach to your CV, as well as it can be styled any way you want. So, your Resume plugin can look neat, or it can catch the eye – it’s up to you to decide.

Many more styling and functional settings are coming soon to our new Resume plugin for WordPress

Elfsight awesome programmers and designers are working on the Resume plugin functionality and structure right now. There will be a large variety of settings, there will be an opportunity to tailor the content in the plugin the way it turns into an essential section of your website. We also offer an exceptional tool for design amateurs – a Color Theme Generator that’ll create a palette for your Resume plugin automatically. Merely select a Light or Dark mode, primary color, and let the auto color designer set everything up for you. In addition, if you need a unique look of the plugin, you can continue to customize all the components individually: popup, head section, background, etc. See all modifications immediately in the free configurator without hours of coding and altering your plugin. It’ll be possible to check all the settings and build the application very soon, stay tuned!

And here’s the list of features that will be available in the Resume plugin that will soon be released:

  • Tons of easily built color schemes.
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, text.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Various question types.
  • Regular live updates.

Showcase your experience at its best and find the job of your dreams with the help of Resume plugin!

Which way do I embed the Quiz plugin to my WordPress site?

The Resume plugin can do its job to all pages of your WordPress site and on any theme, or only to chosen pages. It’s also possible to restrict it on chosen pages if you don’t need the widget there.

On condition of confronting questions or confronting some complications, please reach out to our customer service team. Our specialists are eager to resolve all the questions you might have with the Resume plugin.

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