Feedback Popup widget template

With the help of this template you 'll get an opportunity to integrate the widget to your site with no effort.

How can I use a Feedback Popup widget?

The Popup Feedback Form Widget is a way to show a Feedback Form in a popup lightbox with zero web design or programming. Embed Feedback Form into your site code and get it comprehended regularly. Just select a ready for use template from a scale of possibilities, plainly reshape it in a free online demo, and incorporate installation code to your applied website builder: Joomla, WooCommerce, etc. 

How to add a Feedback Popup to a website?

The setting up is pretty straightforward! Below you can find significant actions, after which you’ll get a professional and an appealing Feedback Form popup. You can continue and simply regulate the widget’s and all elements’ fonts, pictures, behavior, sizes, colors. 

  1. Log into or register the Elfsight dashboard
  2. Select Popup and select your preferred design
  3. Add a form block to your popup box in a Builder section
  4. Modify the widget. Click ‘Save’
  5. Get 2 lines of installation code
  6. Paste it to HTML of your web page 

Later on, keep in mind that the Feedback Form widget by Elfsight is cloud-based, which conveys it’s physically based on Elfsight servers. It doesn’t increase the speed of your website, you have an opportunity to make changes any time through the Elfsight dashboard and they will show on the site at once.

Try the Feedback Popup for yourself. It’s free, and you can create it in an online popup builder:
Configure your template ↓

What events trigger a pop-up?

Elfsight Feedback Form is magnificent because there is a chance to determine its behavior however you wish. The Feedback Form lightbox will come into view on any event you determine. For example, it may show up on scroll, after a particular time on page, on page load, and so on. Below, there’s a chance to consider the major triggers which can help you make a Feedback Form popup show. 

  • Onclick
    It is most obvious and the easiest variant of making a Feedback Form popup come out. It may appear after website visitors hit a particular component on a web page. For example, you have an opportunity to trigger a Feedback Form to come into view in a window after the visitor has tapped on a call-to-action button or just a link in the middle of a text. 
  • Onload
    You don’t have to consider complex sequences of events and settings. Plainly set up the Feedback Form popup to become visible exactly on a load of a page, and take pleasure in people becoming familiar with your deal instantly. On the other hand, be careful with an onload adjustment for a Feedback Form window. Banners and popups popping up at the wrong moment irritate Internet users rather than merchandize. 
  • Onscroll
    The Popup lightbox gives an opportunity to show the Feedback Form after a customer has scrolled over a certain percentage or element of a page. It operates phenomenally when a website visitor has got to know the content, deal, and your brand, and is eager to buy. In such a case, a Feedback Form will come into view exactly at the right time. 
  • On exit intent
    Are clients in a hurry to quit your site? Maybe, they haven’t got to know something crucial on a webpage. Here’s what exit intent serves for: people are going to exit a page, and a Feedback Form popup comes up without any delay. 

Select and change the design of ready-to-use templates! 

Applying a Popup widget for showing a Feedback Form has tons of advantages. 

  • Loads of professional templates
    You have an opportunity to use them as is or tweak any way you want. All examples are editable, alterable, interactive, and pretty! 
  • The configurator is plain, explicit and user-friendly
    There is a chance to build a popup by effortlessly putting different constituents together in it. It’s completely pointless to become a programming wizard to make your video popup modal meet the entire website design. 
  • Include video links from Vimeo and YouTube
    They are the most widespread video web hostings in the world, familiar to everyone.
  • Add any components in any sequence
    You may be certain headers, buttons, images, and texts will look magnificent on any device your clients employ.

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