What to do if my paid subscription is not applied?

Read this article to learn why your paid subscription didn’t apply

Subscribing to a service you’ve never used before can be very stressful and it can be a difficult decision to make. We totally get this, so we take extra care to reduce this stress and to make sure that subscribing or updating to paid plans goes smoothly.

However, sometimes mistakes will happen, and issues might come up. If you’ve paid for a subscription, but your plan hasn’t updated, please, contact our Support Team right away, and they’ll find out what’s happened and fix the situation for you. Due to the time difference with some of our customers, though, it might take us a while to respond. So here are the things you can check until our team steps in for you:

  • You have subscribed to the wrong app. While this might sound like a silly and obvious reason, there have been cases when people subscribed to Instagram Widget instead of Instagram Feed, for example. Or, when people have subscribed to several apps, sometimes they update a wrong one by mistake. This might happen to almost anyone, so let’s eliminate this reason first.
  • You have subscribed with a wrong account. Some of our customers have registered more than one account at Elfsight Apps, and if this applies to you, you need to be extra careful. You main identifier in our system is your login email. The information about your subscriptions, payments, and widgets is tied to your email. So, for instance, if you have two accounts and each of them has a subscription to Instagram Feed, the system will update the account that belongs to the email you’ve used to make the payment. It won’t see the connection between your payment and another account, and it will update the subscription for the paying email.
  • You have several accounts, and the widget you’re using belongs to the wrong one. This is very similar to the previous reason. If you have several different accounts, you need to make sure that the widget you’re using belongs to the account you’ve paid from. Technically, the registered login email is the owner of the widget. Please, make sure that you’ve updated the right widget with the right account.

If none of this applied to you, our Support Team will do their best to get to the bottom of this situation and to make sure that your widgets are up and running.