Troubleshooting – Instagram Feed doesn’t display images

Most common reasons why images don’t display in Instagram Feed

Below are the most common reasons why images don’t get displayed in your feed. In case you’re having this issue, please, check these reasons first:

  • Private Instagram account. Unfortunately, our app doesn’t work with private Instagram accounts, it only works with public ones. Please, check to make sure that your account is public.
  • Source was typed in incorrectly. Please, make sure that you’ve added your source exactly the way it is on Instagram, with no misprints. Even one letter makes a difference.
  • Source account was removed from Instagram or changed. Please, check on Instagram to make sure that the source you need to use hasn’t been removed from Instagram or changed in any way.
  • Sources were set incorrectly. When you add several sources to your feed, you need to add them one by one, and not paste them in all at once. Here’s how you need to add the sources in order for the plugin to work correctly:
    Please, keep in mind that no images will be displayed if you add the sources in the following way:
  • Incorrect use of filters. Please, keep in mind that when you add several Display only From filter values to your feed, the widget will first fetch the latest 100 images by your source, and then apply the filters one by one to this selection. And with the way our app works, if you add several filters, it will only display images that fit the criteria of each filter. For instance, if you use a username as the source, and then add two hashtags to Display only From filter, the widget will only display the images from your source account that fit into the latest 100 posts and are tagged with both hashtags. If an image is tagged with only one hashtag, it won’t make it to your feed.
  • Hashtag in post comments. If your source is a hashtag, please, keep in mind that our app only works with the hashtags added to the post caption, that is, to the first comment under the image. The app doesn’t see hashtags that were added to later comments. Please, make sure that the posts caption contains your source hashtag.

If none of these reasons apply to you, please, contact our Support Team who’ll be happy to help you in the shortest possible time.