Help with WordPress InstaShow

Answers to user questions and issue solutions for the InstaShow plugin. These articles are applicable to WordPress version of the plugin. If they didn’t assist you in fixing an issue or getting your question answered, please, contact the Elfsight Support Team.

How to Add Instagram Widget to WordPress Website

In this column we will analyze the accurate manual on how to insert Instagram photo gallery InstaShow into a WordPress site. We will work with an excellent cloud product with ready-made tools for sites – Elfsight Apps. Organize Your Own Instagram Grid Carry out some elementary procedures to add the...

What are WordPress shortcodes and how do I use them?

Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that let you do various things with little effort. With shortcodes, one single line is all it takes to add functionality to your website that would otherwise need a lot of coding. All our plugins generate WordPress shortcodes. You can use them the same way you’d use any other WordPress ones.

Instashow WordPress plugin is very slow to load

Sometimes InstaShow takes a while to load. Here’s what influences the loading speed: The number of sources. The more sources and filters you have in your feed, the longer it takes for the plugin to load. The grid size (the number of columns and rows).

InstaShow Instagram feed doesn’t display on my WordPress website

This might seem like a serious error, but in fact the reasons for such behavior are often simple and easily fixed. If your WordPress site doesn’t display InstaShow feed, first of all you need to check the following: There are page areas where WordPress shortcodes don’t work, and you need to make sure that you haven’t added the InstaShow shortcode to such an area.

Instagram feed InstaShow is not going responsive on mobile

Many people will browse your website from a mobile device, and in this case it is crucial to have your feed look just as good on mobile as it is on desktop. One image for all screen resolutions and different devices is definitely not enough. For this purpose, we have the responsive breakpoints setting that allows you to optimize the feed dimensions for various small display screens.

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