Help with Wix InstaShow

Answers to user questions and issue solutions for the InstaShow plugin. These articles are applicable to Wix version of the plugin. If they didn’t assist you in fixing an issue or getting your question answered, please, contact the Elfsight Support Team.

How to Add Instagram Widget to Wix

In this article we will inspect the step-by-step guide on how to present Instagram app InstaShow on Wix site. We will put to use a first-rate cloud product with ready-made solutions for websites – Elfsight Apps. Set Up Your Own Instagram Feed Complete a number of clear phases to implement...

Can I like or comment on an Instagram post in InstaShow?

Unfortunately, the only thing our plugin does is display this information (likes, dislikes and comments) in read-only format. However, when you’re setting up your feed, you can choose from one of the two options of viewing an image – either in a popup window, or on Instagram.

InstaShow browser support

To have the best experience with InstaShow, use a supported browser, and you’ll get improved security and performance. InstaShow supports these browsers: Google Chrome 49+; Firefox 47+; Safari 9+; Edge 13+; IE 11.

How to display Instagram images by location in InstaShow

Starting with the release of our latest update from December 12, 2016 InstaShow now supports a new and very much requested type of source – Instagram location. The Location source allows you to display images linked to a certain location. Cities, places to go, nature spots – you can now feature all of these in your Instagram feed.

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