Help with WordPress InstaLink

Articles to help solve the issues with InstaLink plugin WordPress. This section is all about the WordPress version of the plugin, and it provides answer to the most common user questions. If you haven’t found an answer to your question, or if the articles didn't help you fix the issue with the plugin, please contact the Support Team.

What are WordPress shortcodes and how do I use them?

Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that let you do various things with little effort. With shortcodes, one single line is all it takes to add functionality to your website that would otherwise need a lot of coding. All our plugins generate WordPress shortcodes. You can use them the same way you’d use any other WordPress ones.

“No valid plugins” InstaLink WordPress plugin installation error

We try to keep the installation process of our plugins and apps as simple as possible, however, sometimes errors do occur. Some of our customers have complained about this error message they get when trying to install InstaLink WordPress plugin: The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

InstaLink Browser support

For the best performance with InstaLink, use the latest version of a browser listed below. InstaLink runs in the following browsers: Google Chrome 49+; Firefox 47+; Safari 9+; Edge 13+; IE 11.

How to update InstaLink WordPress plugin?

As we constantly strive to improve the quality of our products, we regularly issue new updates and we recommend that all our customers use the latest versions of our products.. Updating InstaLink is pretty easy, however, sometimes questions arise. That is why we are giving you this how-to. There are two ways to update InstaLink.

Can I use InstaLink WordPress plugin many times on one website?

You can use InstaLink WordPress plugin many times on one website, thanks to the fact that every widget you create on plugin settings page provides you with a WordPress shortcode. So you can create unlimited number of widgets with different settings, and use their shortcodes to display them multiple times on your website.

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