New images don’t display in the Instagram feed of my InstaShow WordPress plugin

If new images don’t display in your feed right away, the most likely reason for this is plugin’s cache. Your feed takes the data from the cache which hasn’t expired yet.

Our plugin uses cache to make it load faster and to reduce the server load, so it doesn’t request Instagram each time someone browses your feed. Instead, it requests Instagram once in every 3 hours, pulls in the images by the specified criteria, stores them in the cache, and displays them from the cache. After the cache is expired, the widget requests Instagram for the images again, and that’s when the new ones make it to your feed.

If it’s been more than 3 hours, and the images still didn’t appear, please, start a conversation at our Support Center, and provide us with the direct link to the page with the issue. Our development team will be happy to look into this for you.