Instagram feed doesn’t show all the images in InstaShow WordPress plugin

There are various ways to use InstaShow. Some people only use it to display one source, without any additional filters or conditions. Others have more complicated uses, with several sources or filters. In this case not all the images will make it into the feed.

The InstaShow WordPress plugin has restrictions on the number of Instagram images it can load and display. The default limit is 100 images from an account or hashtag, to keep up the plugin performance. This might turn out to be inconvenient if you’re using filter options.

In case of using filters, the plugin displays images according to the filters you’ve set, and to do it, it gathers them from among the latest 100 images from each source.

Increasing the image limit will change this restriction. Go to the plugin Preferences page, find the Media limit field in API Settings (Advanced) section, and specify the necessary value. However, remember that raising the limit of images will make the plugin load slower. We do not recommend to set the limit above 500.