How to check your widget’s statistics

This article explains what the Statistics tab is and what kind of information you can find there.

After you’ve installed your Elfsight Apps widget to a website, you will have access to Statistics tab with the widget usage information:

The area marked with 1 shows the exact number of views for your widget, and the percentage of spent views, and the area marked with 2 displays your views refresh date.

You can install each widget to several websites, and on the Statistics tab you can not only check your overall widget statistics, but also the usage information for each website. The URLs of the websites you’re using the widget on are listed in Domain (3) column, and the exact number of views for each site is displayed in Views column (4).

Sometimes situations come up when you need to stop displaying your widget on one of your websites, but you can’t access that site to remove the widget’s code right away. We have a workaround for these situations, as well. The digit 5 on the picture above marks Block Domain button. Click on it if you no longer need to display your widget on a website, and confirm blocking:

After you do it, the website’s status changes to Blocked:

You can unblock any domain at any moment, by pressing Unlock Domain.