How to cancel your subscription

We hope you’ll never have a wish to do it and just miss this article. Anyways, we have to show this option as well

We are always very sorry to see our users leave and we do hope you are not going to join this small group. Even if this seems to be your only option, we are happy to remind you that you are not alone and you don’t have to figure things out by yourself. Just message us and describe all the issues and troubles – we’ll try our best to resolve all of them and make your user experience great.

However, if our service still turns out to be unsuitable for you, this is how you can cancel a subscription.

Go to Billing section of your Elfsight account and find the subscription you need to cancel. Cancel button is the last one on the right.

When you click Cancel your subscription will be automatically terminated, which means that you won’t be billed again for this app after your paid period is over. However, your widget will still be displayed on your webpage, and you’ll still be able to work with it in the editor in your Elfsight Apps account. A cancelled subscription will be applied to your widget until your paid period is over, and after that your subscription will be automatically switched to Lite.

Now you got to know the cancellation process, however, all the Elfsight team wish it was no more but curiosity. 😉

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