How to add an Elfsight app to the footer of your Shopify website

Find out how to add an Elfsight widget to the footer of your Shopify website.

Where to find your widget installation code

After you download one of Elfsight apps from the Shopify app marketplace and press Accept Charges, you’ll have to create and save your first widget. After you save it, you’ll get the installation code that you need to add to your Shopify webpage to make the widget display.

To get the code, go to Apps section of your Shopify admin panel, and click on the name of the app in the list:

You will get to the app’s editor with the list of widgets. Please, click Install to get to the installation screen:

Once there, you need to click on the installation code in the grey box to copy it:

Now that you’ve copied the code, you can go ahead and install the widget. There are two ways to install the widget to your Shopify home page – the easier way is to install the widget via the visual editor and the harder way is to add it directly to the code. So let’s take a look at the installation process in detail.

Installing your widget

Go to Online Store, press Actions and select Edit Code.

Open Sections and select the footer template from the list.

Click on the template’s name and insert the installation code onto the page that opens, to the right place:

Save the changes and check out the widget in your website’s footer.

There are themes, however, that might work in a slightly different way, so if this tutorial doesn’t seem to apply to your case, please, message our Support Center and we’ll be happy to do the installation for you.