How do I update Yottie WordPress plugin?

As we constantly strive to improve the quality of our products, we regularly release new updates and we recommend that all our customers use the latest versions of our products. Updating Yottie is pretty easy, however, sometimes questions arise. That is why we are giving you this how-to.

There are two ways to update the plugin:

  1. Automatic plugin update. The easiest way is the one that we most recommend, updating Yottie via WordPress admin panel, in the same way as any free plugin.

    Before you do it, make sure that you have activated Yottie with the CodeCanyon purchase code on Yottie activation page. When you go to that page, enter your purchase code into Activate Yottie form, and press Activate button. For more information on purchase code and where to find it, go to

    After the activation the screen is supposed to look like this: add image

    Once you’ve activated Yottie, you can now use your WordPress admin panel to update it. To do it, go to Dashboard and select Updates. When you get to the updates page, you will see the update information, including update availability and the date of the last update check.

    So how do you know it’s time to update Yottie?

    Generally, you will get a notification email from the Envato marketplace.

    Also, you can check for the newest updates, by pressing Check Again on the Updates page. After you do it, you’ll have to wait for a couple of minutes or refresh the page. There might be a small delay between the check request and the response. If an update is available, you will see it on the list of updates.

    Plugin also runs an automatic update check at regular intervals. In case there an update ready, you’ll see this notification at your WordPress panel.

  2. Manual plugin update. The second way to update Yottie is to get the latest version of the plugin from the downloads section at After you download the update, you need to unzip it, and overwrite all the plugin’s files on your WordPress website via FTP. All your settings and galleries will be preserved, you don’t get to lose any data.