Elfsight Apps Pricing and Payment: Basic Facts and Great Offers

On the whole, most people find Elfsight Apps an easy service to install and to use, but we did get some questions concerning pricing and payment. Happy as we are to talk to our customers and to answer each question individually, we decided to give a detailed overview of the pricing system for everyone to read.

How It Works: Basic Points

Keeping up with the latest sales trends in software and SAAS, we’ve chosen subscription as the payment method.

So to pay for the app, you need to subscribe. The cost of license for one app on one website starts with $1.5 a month. Using more apps on several sites makes the subscription fee higher.

What happens when you pay for an app, is that you transfer the money to your Elfsight Apps account in one nonrecurring transaction.

After that, the fee for using the service is deduced from your Elfsight Apps account on a daily basis. As you can see, we do not store and do not even require your card information.

So Why did We Decide to Charge the App by Subscription?

This question has been asked most often. Below are the basic reasons that have made us choose this pricing type.

Server Maintenance Costs

To provide you with our fantastic service, and to make sure your widgets are running smoothly, we need to keep our server up and running at all times. To ensure the fast and fail-safe performance of the widgets, all the calculations required to keep them working are performed on our server.

While this prevents any additional load for your website and server, it also requires more resources from us to keep the server operational.

More Resources to Invest into Developing the Apps

We love to work for you, we really do! That’s why we want to keep on doing our best for you, and to provide you with fantastic new apps for business and entertainment. Selling our apps as a service and not as software allows us to invest a lot more resources into improving our products and developing brand new ones, so we figured out it would be the perfect solution both for you and for us.

Greater Ease of Installation and Updates

We try to make our apps not only functional, but easy and convenient as well, and this is also true for installing and updating the apps.

We’re proud to say that with the subscription type distribution we’ve succeeded in both. Our installation process is a piece of cake, and with the current SaaS scheme, you don’t have to download and install a new update after we release it, your widgets will be updated automatically.

Flexible Payment Options – You Only Pay for What You Use

In financial terms, here’s what the subscription scheme allows us to provide to you:

  • $0 to is required to start working with an app, plus a 14-days trial period.
  • The minimal first deposit at Elfsight Apps is just $5, as compared to the price of our apps at other marketplaces, that can be as high as $19.

And finally, we are happy to give you a totally transparent pricing structure. When you’re paying for one of our cloud-based apps, you pay for the amount of time you plan to use the widget and not for a day more. You can select the deposit that is just right for you, and get the widget you need along with some other benefits.

What You Pay for at Elfsight Apps

The App License

You get to use your app of choice a limitless number of times on one website. Once you pay for it, you can set up as many widgets on as many pages of your website as you like. And yes, each widget can have different sources and totally different settings without extra fees!

Apps Settings and Lifetime Updates

You’re welcome to change your widget’s settings after it’s been installed to the website as often as you like.

Changing the source or adjusting the style – whatever you need is available at any moment with no additional fees.

Also, you don’t have to pay extra to use any of the app’s features, as total functionality is included into the price. Updating your app is no longer necessary, as well. With Elfsight Apps, your widgets will be updated automatically as soon as we release an update for the product.

Installation Service

We’re happy to install our apps for you for free. It doesn’t matter what CMS you’ve used for your website, as our apps work with most of them. Just let our Support Team know that you require this service in a message at apps@elfsight.com or in a conversation at our Support Center. We’ll be glad to take care of the installation for you!

However, one of the advantages of our service is that the apps are so easy to install, you don’t have to be a developer to do it. By now, we have also published detailed installation guides for the most commonly used website builders. They can be found at:

  1. Guides for InstaShow;
  2. Guides for Yottie;
  3. Guides for InstaLink.

Lifetime Support

We love it when you’re happy with our apps! We’re proud to give you great support, and to provide any required technical assistance without delays.

No matter the kind of issue you’re facing – be it a payment issue, unclear parameters, or some technical stuff not working as it should, be sure that you won’t have to go through it alone. With Elfsight Apps you’re entitled to comprehensive technical support for as long as you use it with no additional fees.

How to Get the Best of Our Pricing System

Making sure you get high-quality apps is not our only concern. We also care about saving your money! To make Elfsight Apps financially attractive, we’ve designed several options to let you get free Elfsight credits and even earn money via our service.

How to Earn Elfsight Credits

1. Registration Bonus and Free Trial – $5

When you first register at Elfsight Apps, you get 14 days of free trial. This means that during these 14 days you can use every function and every feature you like. Each app’s functionality is available during this time without any restrictions. Take your time, sample each app, give it the look you need, and you’ll find out why so many of our users are happy with our apps!

2. Payment Bonuses – up to $15

You’re entitled to a payment bonus for practically every deposit you make at Elfsight Apps, the only exception being the $5 deposit. Depending on the deposit you make, you can get up to almost three months of free usage. After you make the payment, the bonus will be automatically transferred to your Elfsight Apps account. The more money you deposit, the larger the bonus, so decide on the time period you want to use the app, and choose the best deposit option for you!

3. Referral Program – $1 for One Referee

We’ve got good news for those of you who just have to tell friends about our apps. We’ve set up our own referral program, and now you get a free $1 Elfsight credit for everyone who registers at Elfsight Apps on your advice. What’s even better, is that the person you invite to register at our service also gets an additional $1 Elfsight credit besides the registration bonus.

The referral link is still under development, but you can use this program already. Just inform us of your referees with a message at apps@elfsight.com and we’ll make sure you get your bonus.

4. Feedback Form – $1

Another way to earn a bonus credit is to fill out our feedback form. Share your ideas, thoughts and impressions, suggest new features and get a bonus to spend on your widgets!

How to Make Money with Elfsight Apps

We give you the opportunity not only to save money, but also to make it. We have launched an affiliate program and if you’re a web developer, this is a great deal for you. The affiliate program works in two ways:

  • You can ask your clients to register, forward their emails to us, and we’ll transfer the money to your PayPal account after they’ve made their deposits.
  • Or, you can register an account at Elfsight Apps, fill out our referral form, charge your clients as per our tariff, and keep 30% of this sum.

No matter what you choose, you’re entitled to these payments for as long as your clients keep on using our apps.

Paying for Your Elfsight App

When making a deposit to the Elfsight Apps, please, keep in mind that the days of usage for each deposit provided on our pricing page are based upon the costs of using one app on one website.

There are two ways to make a deposit at Elfsight Apps – by using a credit/debit card and from a PayPal account. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

The payment procedure is the standard one for paying with a card or a PayPal account, and as a rule, everything goes smoothly. However, if anything does go wrong, don’t panic! We’re here to help you fix this.

Just notify our Support Team about the situation. You can do it by messaging us at apps@elfsight.com, by starting a conversation at https://elfsight.ticksy.com or via the chat window at Elfsight Apps. Even if we receive your report after our office hours are over, it will by no means get disregarded. We’ll look into the situation for you the first thing in the morning, and we’ll keep you constantly updated.

What Happens Next: Using Your App after the Payment

Some of our users have asked us what do they have to do after having made the payment. How do I activate the widget? The answer is that you don’t.

After you’ve deposited money to your Elfsight Apps account, you don’t have to do anything else to use the widget.

No activation, no extra actions. All the charges will be processed automatically, the deposit and the payment bonus will be automatically transferred to your account. You’ll only have to sit back and enjoy the attention your beautiful Instagram or YouTube gallery gets from your website’s visitors.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is the expiry date of your deposit.

Our payment transactions are nonrecurring, so when your deposit expires, you’ll have to login to the service, and make the next one.

We send out email notifications to our users 7 days prior to the deposit expiry, 3 days prior and after the deposit has expired. So keep track of our emails!

We hope that we have answered your questions in this article, and made things clear for you. We’ll be happy to get any feedback you can provide, so feel free to contact us and to share your ideas and impressions. You’re sure to get our utmost attention!