BBB Reviews Examples

Check BBB Reviews examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Review Request

Main features: Call-to-action, CTA button.

In this example, The reviews are shaped into a responsive widget in complementary Better Business Bureau colors, with an informative header. The header reveals the total rating of the page and a count of reviewers with the photos of the freshest ones. The photos are clickable. The review-request button encourages users to leave one more review, with the Yes part colored blue to catch the eye.

Example 2. List

Main features: List layout, navigation.

Here’s a way to show your reviews into a page in a manner of a well-defined list. If you switch the header off and set Auto width and height dimensions, like in this example, the widget will by itself fill into the free space on the page and will look ingrained. Make use of filters to fix the number of reviews, demonstrate only those having positive ratings, or hide away unwanted keywords.

Example 3. Masonry

Main features: Masonry layout, grid.

Here, a grid of reviews is arranged in Masonry variant, which arranges reviews in the most balanced manner based on their height value. Custom color made the widget look absolutely unique. The star rating on the reviews is here to demonstrate the business is valued.

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Example 4. Grid

Main features: Grid layout, design.

The combination of Grid layout and Spotlight review template gives the widget a refined clear look of the widget. Straight lines and center aligned texts draw viewers’ attention. Linear geometry of Grid layout may also go with any other review template – the interface elements were designed to be fully compatible.

Example 5. Carousel

Main features: Carousel, testimonials.

Here the widget with Slider layout shows the reviews through an active carousel with autoplay. It is a nice variant, for instance, for the main page of a site. Slider layout can show one of the navigation elements: arrow, drag, or pagination. There’s an option to choose how many reviews will show on each slide.

Example 6. Slider

Main features: Slider layout, navigation.

Your reviews displayed one by one will accentuate the attention of users. In this use case the choice of template defines the arrangement of the elements: the author’s picture and rating are above the text and all elements are center aligned. All other reviews can be viewed by drag or using arrows.

Example 7. Sidebar

Main features: Sidebar, limited space.

This is an illustrative example of the way to add a reviews widget into any site with very small space available. In a sidebar variant, the widget shows only the essential elements and the responsive size helped to make it moderate in size yet all functions are there.

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